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treasure hunts
Game of Dragons

This novel contest is the perfect mixture of maths and treasure hunts - teams go from station to station and solve interesting logical puzzles. You have to answer them quickly but correctly to avoid penalties and be the first team to complete the route.

More than 150 students from all across Cambridgeshire and beyond took part in the first three Game of Dragons Outdoor Maths Challenges. Check out our photos to see how good the atmosphere was.

"It’s become a bit of a craze solving maths problems! We’ll have to write to thank you in years to come when they get top marks in maths A level for inspiring them (hee hee). They’ll look back on their childhood and state ”yes, I think it was the game of dragons that was the pivotal moment which got me so into maths!” Seriously, they have been choosing pen and paper pouring over those print outs over the xbox! That is a massive deal!"

"Elias had a lovely time today, many thanks! He loved the setting, games and challenges, and above all, the company!"

6 things that make us special
  • Fun
    Our focus is to make sure everyone enjoys themselves and leaves with a positive experience. Thus, the questions get progressively harder, letting you find your own level - you don't have to be a maths genius to have a good time.


  • Accessibility
    Thanks to our generous sponsors, our events are completely free, giving anyone interested the chance to participate.


  • Teams
    Doing anything with your friends is more fun than doing it on your own. This is true for maths as well. You won't be bored for a second and will also learn how to work effectively as a team together with your mates.


  • Exercise
    To get from one station to another you have to walk or run. This little break refreshes your brain and makes sure you can jump right into the next problem when you get there.


  • Outdoors
    Being outside and enjoying the fresh air while taking in the beautiful scenery makes everything more enjoyable - including solving problems.

  • Mystery
    You won't know if your solution is correct or not. This might be slightly frustrating first, but it is important that you learn to assess yourself and gain confidence in your work.

If you want to know more of the details, you can read the official rules here.

Our sponsors

Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, our events are free of charge for the participants. We are grateful for St. John’s College, Lucy Cavendish College, Optiver,
Jane Street and The Cambridge Organic Food Company and  for helping us make this event accessible for everyone. 

Please do not hesitate to contact Marta via email if you would be interested in contributing to our Maths Challenge by any means.

A little bit of history

The idea of outdoor maths challenges comes from Debrecen, Hungary, where an enthusiastic maths teacher organised the first of its kind for his students back in 1999. The contest got popular nationwide quickly. Later, the Mathematics Connects Us Association was founded to popularise mathematics through various outreach activities, including different competitions and summer camps. As a part of their work, they organised eight outdoor maths challenges in six cities with more than 10.000 participants just in 2017.


In the autumn of 2016, a member of the Mathematics Connects Us Association, Bence Börcsök, decided to bring the idea to the UK. With the enormous support of the Association and the help of an enthusiastic organising team, the first Game of Dragons Outdoor Maths Challenge took place as a part of the Cambridge Science Festival on 18th March 2017. Seeing a few dozen participants and a handful of dedicated volunteers getting together in the name of maths and enjoying an amazing day in the beautiful gardens of Girton College Cambridge, their goal became clear - organise the event again, bigger, and even better than the first one was.

Meet the team

We are a group of enthusiastic Cambridge students and alumni with a passion for science outreach.

We welcome new members to our team. If you are interested in getting involved, send us an email including your motivation and what part you would like to play in the organisation of the next event.


As the event is free for participants, we rely on volunteers to run the event. If you would like to help us on the day, please fill out this form.


The next Game of Dragons Outdoor Maths Challenge takes place in the scenic gardens of St. John's College, Cambridge. There are over 50 acres of gardens and grounds to explore here. These were laid out as the College was expanding in the 18th century creating a space for recreation in an environment conducive to learning. Today, they are a venue for walks, relaxation and exciting events, like this one.

St. John's College has kindly agreed to provide parking space in their car park on Queens Road next to the Playing Fields. Cyclists can leave their bikes at the car park as well.

St John's College

Playing Fields Parking Lot

Queens Road


How to apply?
  1. Find two of your friends and convice them to join you - you can only enter in a team of three

  2. Come up with a cool team name

  3. Ask one of your teachers or parents to register you through this link: